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10 Best Airports in The US – Top 10 Tourism

10 Best Airports in The US – Top 10 Tourism. Whether it is a business explorer, a sequence transmitter or an intermittent flyer. There are often decisions about which course to take and, consequently, which air terminals to use some air terminals are clearly better.

10 Best Airports in The US

10 Best Airports in The US

Then, others with regard to administrations, as a rule, the air terminal can be positive or negative for on-time flights and the security of direct entry vehicle rentals. Waiting times to celebrate and buy open doors as comfort and improvements in case you have a decision, especially during a delay, you will need an air terminal.

Which has the best highlights to appreciate during your waiting time, this is what we saw as the best air terminals in the US. UU.

1-Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport:

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is three miles southeast of the city center. Phoenix in Maricopa County, Arizona, barely postpones quick access to and from downtown, a fast security line and free Wi-Fi are one of the reasons.

Phoenix Sky Harbor has positioned itself high among the best US air terminals. UU. Perot continuous examination at that point flaunts a useful light rail for direct entry to and from the center of many cafes and bars and fewer postponements and breakdowns.

In normal pre-security restaurants they are open all day, every day with gluten-free vegetarian and alternative children’s food menus accessible after security are open one hour before flights and 30 minutes later. The latest appearances also include numerous stores with the expectation of free daycare travel items or a very late trinket or simply to breathe easily.

2-Oakland International Airport:

Oakland International Airport is approximately ten miles south of downtown Oakland, California. It is registered among the best air terminals in the USA. UU. For the shortest waiting time. I am from the door of the flight to take off / a continuous study of Forbes.

The climate is that Oakland, in general, will be less influenced by the fog than San Francisco, this is one of the reasons why it is commonly a superior option after the willingness of the staff and the simplicity of transportation. By means of incessant transport from terminals to rental vehicles in case you go to San Francisco, there is user access through the train.


The BART Amtrak framework is also associated with the BART Oakland train framework boasts of a wide variety of shopping and banquet options such as breastfeeding suites for nursing mothers. The newly opened rest break is available to all travelers, regardless of the class they plan, presenting the front-line food by Oakland’s prestigious gourmet specialist, Kris Pool.

3-Portland International Airport:

Portland International Airport was named the best US airport. UU. By the voyaging magazines 2013. Survey of users for time flights that celebrate purchases and mass trips to the main regions of the city 2015. He saw the expansion of ten new coffees making it a real safe house for food lovers in January 2016.

The first of its kind on the planet The refinery and tasting room of the airport opened in front of the door. As well as restricted downloads, small groups visit every day at 3 p.m. With an extra visit on Saturdays at 1 p.m. In the spring of 2016. A small cinema was added to the air terminal that runs free movies of almost 15 minutes. PDX too.

The largest bicycle terminal with local people as often as possible riding their bicycles before jumping a flight, they even have a bicycle repair station, so if you are a fan, do not hesitate to take your bike to Portland, you can pick it up and be on your way directly from the air terminal.

4-the Salt Lake City International Airport:

The Salt Lake City International Airport is located about four miles west of the city center. Salt Lake City, Utah, continues to be high for takeoffs and on-time appearances and is also home to the Utah National Guard. Just as a turning point, an 18-space street located at the southern end of the air terminal property explorers toward this western mountain goal.


Similarly, I appreciate the free Wi-Fi, several openings for eating and shopping, and a remarkable assortment of craftsmanship that covers terminals and terminal connector splitters. The terminals for those who need recovery devices even have free fax machine administrations at the Gordon Biersch distillery located in the terminal.

1 there are nursing and loading stations, as well as filling stations for water bottles for an extraordinary good cleaning of shoes for great colleagues at the highest point of the elevator in the terminal.

5-San Diego International Airport:

The San Diego International Airport, formerly known as Lindbergh Field, is three miles northwest of downtown San Diego, California, with perhaps the best environment in the nation. It is not a big surprise that ranks it as the third-best in the US. UU. For flights on time, as the opening cuts the waiting times of security and the jokes in general.

Flaunts promotional shops and cafes and bottling jobs whose menu incorporates an attractive selection of specialty beers from Southern California. It includes several lounges with hot showers, well-stocked bars, food and snack management, and more in the terminal 2 travelers from the east. You can see improvements in the spa, for example, rubbing a nail treatment, facial pedicure and even oxygen and light treatment for the weary explorer referred to by customer audits.

How impeccable the bathrooms are and the staff is neighboring, in addition to intrigue, an area of ​​the southeastern infield was set aside in 2007. As a settlement site for endangered species for California terns.

6-McCarran International Airport:

It is the essential commercial air terminal that serves the Las Vegas Valley, about five miles south of downtown Las Vegas, and is among the top ten air terminals in the US. UU. By that time,, as one can imagine that is full of luxury attractions, incorporates an avionics gallery, a children’s play area and a lot of game options.

Like the comfort life of the exercise, it is a progression of walk forms assigned along with the air terminal where guests are urged to walk approximately one mile later. One of the courses in an air waybill in case you like shopping and shopping, there are no shortcomings in bad luck decisions to balance a scale, there is a wide combination of dining options, from cheap food courtyards.


To tear down full-management coffees as well as dinners to go to the air terminal also includes a significant group of intriguing works of art that reflect the magnificence of this desert spring. Its showcases incorporate everything from the hanging airplane figures of the youngest students in the neighborhood to a 152-foot wall painting that portrays the Las Vegas chronic excursion.

7-Philadelphia international airport:

Horrible ongoing investigations that point to incorporate the Philadelphia International Airport among the top ten in the United States for on-time flights. In the same way that administrations and incredible amenities do not need to leave the air terminal to get a taste of the famous food of Philadelphia.

The famous Philly Cheesesteak sandwich is available in a variety of flavors for eating or carrying a chicken. Pete’s also presents an extraordinary determination of fish dishes. The terminals, like the nursing stations of the mothers under the partitions, handle the benefits of the railroad directly to and from the air terminal, there are also transport administrations and a combined car rental office.


A variety of different shops and restaurants is also available effectively for quick assistance called takeaway food that offers a variety of delicious dinners to take on board flights.

8-Charlotte Douglas International Airport:

Southern accommodation is what is served in CLT, they lead the opinions of travelers at regular intervals to ensure that the needs of guests are met, this led to administrations such as free Wi-Fi and charging stations that were included throughout the moment.


Likewise, the terminals have a volunteer program that began once more than ten years before and incorporates 70 volunteers who try to make the traveler’s experience positive. There are 20 exhibits of durable and pivotal labor called and crafts to improve.

Nature or guests in 2012, the city of Charlotte and the craft science boards introduced a fundamental 60-foot tall figure that was planned by Anne’s carpenter to be an immediately visible symbol that she recognizes and celebrates. The fervor of the trip there is abundant shopping and eating open doors as a stop from the car rental office that was included in 2015.

9- John F Kennedy International Airport:

Registered among the most notably horrible were the flights on time and the postponements anyway being stuck in JFK could be something to be grateful for. In case you like the impeccable food and the consumption of wine registered as the number 1 through the ideal experience of banquets at the airport, it is one of the centers for those who travel all approaches to the east, why not delay and appreciate?

The postponement with a good wine and an incredible dinner in case you meditate in your alley, at that point, terminal 5 is simply. The place for you dark blue highlights a wide menu of Chula Nari’s master chef, Michael Shelton, which includes tempura yakitori sushi and affirms fame courses like a shisha sheep cut.


With stewed daikon, in case you crave authentic Italian New York food, at that time consult Nuova senior with a claim to the fame dishes made by culinary specialist Marc Lander, point of night drinks Val Hazar and take interest in the French food in Brasserie La Vie and for lovers of Latin cuisine. Tia Paul’s is a place where Alexander made the first United States. The contemplations of the tapas bar in the air terminal are mainstream among local people for what it is worth with guests.

10-Los Angeles International Airport:

Another airport that does not head exactly the best for punctuality, but not the worst, completes the list due to its extraordinary gastronomic opportunities number two in food and WA and dotcom is that Los Angeles lacks a magical place.

This transports visitors to a world of Jetsons-style haute cuisine with a futuristic setting that meets the restaurant where Pink’s Hot Dog customers have lined up at the original Melrose Place since 1939. They return a And again for that magic bite and if you’re eating healthy in the head for real food every day.


They serve organic-based vegan dishes at moderate prices in a new agency setting for a good juicy hamburger check out the Hobbit. They are serving grilled hamburgers, deli sandwiches, and delicious fries with full meals that cost around $ 10, which is quite cheap for an airport restaurant.

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