Album Player Software Latest Version Free Download

Album Player Software Latest Version Free Download. Collect your albums and import based on folders or labels. Use album types to create well-organized artist album collections. Or just create custom collections based on your criteria. Listen to your collected music while deciding what and how.

Free download of album player software:

Organize entire albums and play them with AlbumPlayer, simply browsing their covers. The browser allows grouping and ordering the attributes of the album, creating the playlist. For touch screen users, a special interface is available with larger buttons and an alternative track selection method that supports screens with a minimum size of 800 × 480.

Album Player Software Free Download

Album Player Software Free Download

Crossfade playlists or play your albums live smoothly. For the most demanding listeners, there is ASIO support. Collect and view video clips on the same AlbumPlayer, or view your videos or a personalized slide show on the second screen. All this together with the current information and the art of the artist.

Album Player Software Download

The Database Shuffle feature (also known as Autocue) allows the AlbumPlayer to automatically choose tracks or albums from your collection based on user criteria. AlbumPlayer contains an equalizer and normalization function, which can play a playlist at a volume level by calculating the play gain. It is compatible with Last.FM, Winamp DSP, and Evillyrics plugins.

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