Bitdefender Total Security Latest Version Free Download

Bitdefender Total Security Latest Version Free Download

Bitdefender Total Security Latest Version Free Download. Based on Product of the Year award-winning technology, Bitdefender Total Security 2020 uses machine learning to combat cyber threats without affecting the performance of your device. It automatically makes the best security decisions for you by protecting your data, protecting online payments, and safeguarding privacy online. It also includes a new firewall, redesigned parental controls, a one-click optimization tool, and even helps to recover or block your devices in case of loss or theft.

The brand-new 2020 version of BitDefender I have with me the total security suite but if you have internet security it should be more or less the same since. We will essentially just be testing the knee protection features which are nicely laid out in this screen, we have DAV obviously we have a vulnerability scan that kind of reminds you to change passwords and stuff like.

Bitdefender Total Security Free Download

Bitdefender Total Security Free Download

That you have the far wall the anti-spam online threat prevention advanced threat defense this is one of the modules are most interested in it’s kind of behavioral blocking. Component and we have to save files which is just a protected access kind of system for your valuable documents and then you have ransomware remediation. This actually allows automatic restore of any encrypted files so combining all of these modules, it’s supposed to have a multi-layer defense against ransomware that’s what’s advertised I’m not particularly impressed. With the new design scheme, it’s just not to my personal liking.

I guess but it’s still very easy to use so I don’t have too many complaints let me know what you think of this new UI but we didn’t get an AV to look at it we got it to protect us from all sorts of threats. So let’s get started with the test here I have some malware links that we’re going try on the system first and see if the defender can protect us here goes nothing playing number one and the page.

Was blocked successfully it’s good to see the defender is known for their excellent signatures so I wouldn’t be surprised if it manages to clean sheet in this part of the test, they’re only a link 3 though and there is still plenty of time for screw-up that’s so far so good. Most of these are getting blocked instantly.

So I’m guessing that’s just the web signatures coming in play this is going to be one of my fastest. Link test oh we finally have a file but it was caught and disinfected we’ll try to run it but we can’t. So that was one threat that actually managed to get past. The web prevention but was caught by the real-time protection on the system. The last one is blocked directly and that concludes.

The link test now we’re going to move to the next part of the test which is going to be much more interesting. Where we actually drag in a lot more malware into the system to make this happen. I will have to temporarily disable the protection let’s see how we can do that no easy way apparently not gonna complain not that you want to do it all the time. In this folder, I have 776 pieces of malware these are all very recent collected them right now just before .the the test they should range from one to seven days old now that we have the test folder on our system we’re going to right-click scan.

With BitDefender let’s see how long this takes and how many of these threats we can remove. The scan is now complete and we’re going try to resolve all of these threats I’m going to select delete the removal process is now complete so we are left with 23 items although. Wait for the defender says my the system is infected and I need to go in to rescue. The environment to clean it no I’m not going to do that I can’t believe but the defender is so scared of a couple of PUPS it wants me to go into rescue.

Environment anyway getting back to the point the detection ratio on these files is actually a phenomenal 97 percent. That’s the defender for you really good detection ratios but now we’re going to re-enable the shields and get started. With these Falls we’re going to actually execute them on the system and see if it gets infiltrated going to turn on the AP protection as well and here we go first.

One won’t run on our PC second one is probably some kind of adware setup and whoa it just deleted the rest of my malware files what the hell just happened. There didn’t even go to recycle bin it just disappeared all of a sudden deleted everything and BitDefender wasn’t able to protect my malware oh no I read it the whole process and guess. What this time we didn’t even get the random warning so we can safely continue with the execution test.

So even though a lot of these PPS are starting up they’re not able to download. Their payloads because the defender is blocking and at that level, for example, this setup just started but it’s just giving us a connection error because. The defender is blocking the connection to the PAP house now here’s something really interesting. The defender tells me that ransomware behavior was actually remedied which means we had ransomware execute on the system. So malware 374 tried to encrypt our files and failed and we can take a look at the files that were affected huh.

It wasn’t actually any of the data in this folder just some random temp files and the rents more protection intervened. So that was pretty early in the process anyway now I’m going to restart. The system and I’ll get back to you with the second opinion scan results finally our second opinion scanners are done and we can get straight to the results first. A couple of things it’s always funny to see another AP product being installed as a PU p on the system. When I’m doing a test so, in this case, it’s AVG which is currently owned by a fast so you get the point.

We still have one file in the test the folder that’s not an accident. I didn’t do anything with it it just happens to be active in the system. Which means I cannot delete it if we take a look at the scan results Amana didn’t detect anything but Malwarebytes and hitman pro both detected. a couple of things they both picked up the malware in the folder and as you can see it is actually active hitman Pro calls it a trojan but I think Malwarebytes has the more accurate detection here it says it’s adware due and it catches both default and the associated apart from that we have the NE protects.

the potentially unwanted program. Both have picked it up and we had some partial block so some registry key leftovers from that so I’m a little bit disappointed. That BitDefender didn’t manage a clean sheet this time but overall it’s still a pretty good product in any case if you’re looking to purchase bed Defender. I have a 50% discount if you use the code TP SC BitDefender I’ll have a link in the description you can use that to purchase you’ll be helping.

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