Brien and kas Approach A Business and Managerial Perspective
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Brien and kas Approach A Business and Managerial Perspective

Brien and kas Approach A Business and Managerial Perspective The Ninth Edition is designed for business students who are or who will soon become business professionals in the fast-changing business world of today.

Therefore, it places an important emphasis on the up-to-date coverage of the essential role of Internet technologies to provide a platform for business, commerce, and collaborative processes among all business stakeholders in today’s networked enterprises and global markets.

A Business and Managerial Perspective

A Business and Managerial Perspective

This is the business and managerial perspective that this text brings to the study of information systems. Of course, as in all O’Brien and Marakas texts, this edition:

Loads the text with Real World Cases, in-death examples (Blue Boxes), and opportunities to learn about real people and companies in the business world (Real World Activities, Case Study Questions, Discussion Questions, and Analysis Exercises).

organizes the text around a simple Five-Area Information Systems Framework that emphasizes the IS knowledge a business professional needs to know.

It places great emphasis on the strategic role of information technology by providing business professionals with tools and resources to manage business operations, support decision making, enable business collaboration and obtain a competitive advantage.

Modular Structure of the Text

The text is organized into modules that reflect the five major areas of the framework for information systems knowledge. This organization increases instructor flexibility in assigning course material because it structures the text into modular levels (that is, modules, chapters, and sections) while reducing the number of chapters that need to be covered.

Business Applications

How businesses use the Internet and other information technologies to support their business processes, e-business, and e-commerce initiatives, and business decision making (Chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10)

Management Challenges

The challenges of business/IT technologies and strategies, including security and ethical challenges and global IT management (Chapters 13 and 14).

Information Technologies

It includes the main concepts, developments and management problems related to hardware, software, telecommunications networks, data resource management technologies and other technologies (chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6).

Development Processes

Developing and implementing business/IT strategies and systems using several strategic planning and application development approaches (Chapters 11 and 12).

Foundation Concepts

Fundamental business information systems concepts, including trends, components, and roles of information systems (Chapter 1) and competitive advantage conceptş and applications (Chapter 2). Selective coverage of relevant behavioral, managerial, and technical concepts.

Real-World Cases

Each chapter provides four Real World Cases-in-depth examples that illustrate how prominent businesses and organizations have attempted to implement the theoretical concepts students have just learned. A full list of cases is available inside the front cover.

Use Your Brain

Traditional case study questions TO promote and provide an opportunity for critical thinking and classroom discussion.

Use Your Hands

The Real World Activities section offers possibilities for hands-on exploration and learning.

Competitive Advantage

Chapter 2 focuses on the use of IT as a way to surpass your competitor’s performance.

Ethics & Security

Chapter 13 discusses the issues surrounding these topics and the challenges IT faces.

Go Global With IT

This Text closes with Chapter 14 an in-depth look at IT across borders.

Expand Your Knowledge

Blue boxes in each chapter provide a brief, in-depth examples of how corporations apply IS concepts and theories.

Expand Your Horizons

Globe icons indicate examples with international focus so that your knowledge makes you truly worldly.

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