El Capitan UX Pack Latest Version Free Download

El Capitan UX Pack Latest Version Free Download. El Capitan UX Pack will bring you all new OS X El Capitan user experience like themes, wallpapers, and new OS X features combined in one package that works on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 without touching files system, so you won. You don’t risk damaging your system at all. In this package, you will have the best user experience which closely resembles real OS X El Capitan from the Windows side without modifying system files.

El Capitan UX Pack Latest Version Free Download El Capitan UX Pack Latest Version Free Download. How to make your windows look like Mac OS so this time I’m using the Mac OS e I Capitan transformation pack 1.0 I’ll have the link in the different description. So make sure you download it now to install it just open up and just then so you’ll have these settings. So the first setting enabled with liquid shaking I recommend that to be the same see the system font configuration I will want to change it to see do UI that’s the way but not that I like that song.

El Capitan UX Pack Free Download

El Capitan UX Pack Free Download

Then I’ll keep that dark on creation always on top I’ll go Sontag without a height you can choose anything and task configuration well I would suggest you keep the default. Now make sure the left side OSX Capitan’s button style distinct and also the hot skin color activation from dashboard plans for scaling and just just take.

The stick off makes sure you take the stick off equal because we don’t want you with the sex life as the default home page just press install wait for it install you, yeah nowhere you see half of the – mission done but after you, after you completely restore your PC you return from fully.



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El Capitan UX Pack Download

I sent back after restarting my PC now we can see that the icons all have changed and I have also got a new dock over here but first. You’ll notice that you won’t get the duck running up when you restart your PC so what you need to do is hit f4 keep waiting and for four to five times. Then you get the duck now the dog usually does not start-up in Windows.

The what I would suggest you do is go to duck settings now go to general check make sure the run at startup is checked and click. OK, now you have no problem whenever your PC starts up you talk also starts up you can see you have the dock icons you can add them you can remove. Them you can edit them you can move them you can also change. The icons you know to change the font color and when you get into the folders you can see d3 clothes bars and the minimize bars icons have changed.

The folders have changed everything almost everything has changed here when you go we move your mouse to the Apple icon you have any more emotional. The Apple icon you see the apps over here you can edit them also you can create new folders you can remove them you can add more items can do it you can literally edit everything here everything has a smooth animation.

Then when I opened the settings you can see the bounce animation there this is the power options. They click it you can shut down they start sleeping on so you know this we don’t want and almost everything has changed even the back button in the send button they look the colors have changed.

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