FarStone RestoreIT Latest Version Free Download

FarStone RestoreIT Latest Version Free Download

Free download of FarStone RestoreIT, latest version. FarStone RestorIT is an innovative real-time system and data protection solution. The result is that all problems will be solved no matter what went wrong.

Lost data recovered and unstable system restored immediately. Have you been through the disaster of data loss or computer crash? Have you ever had experiences when updating to new Windows system and ending with desperate error?

TotalRecovery Pro is an all-in-one system backup and disk imaging software developed by Farstone Technology. It would back up your entire machine, including Windows system, applications, documents, settings, and even partitions all in one compressed image file. Our HMI interface allows users to create their own backups so easily.

FarStone RestoreIT Free Download

FarStone RestoreIT Free Download

RestoreIT automatically creates snapshots before making changes to your system. RestoreIT simply returns your PC to a time when it was working properly and your data was intact. In the event of data loss or system crash, RestoreIT can revert a system to a normal state in seconds.


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FarStone RestoreIT Download

With powerful Rapid Restore technology, restore time is reduced to minutes because it only restores files that have been changed since the last backup. TotalRecovery Pro is fully compatible with Windows 10, as well as previous versions. The smart backup scheduler automatically secures your data. In addition, it is compatible with cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Farstone Technology also offers business solutions on Total Backup Recovery Workstation and Total Backup Recovery Server. Visit the website for more details! Looking for the best solution to protect your PC and server?


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