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Hewlett Packard LaserJet Printers Problem and Solution

Hewlett Packard LaserJet Printers Problem and Solution Using Hewlett Packard LaserJet printers “Problem: I am using an HP LaserJet printer and I have experienced problems printing a diagram in the direction of the scene.

Hewlett Packard LaserJet Printers

Hewlett Packard LaserJet Printers

Layout: If you try to print a diagram with the laser set in the direction of the scene (side printing), you will get a clear page or an impression of incomprehensible characters.

The printer will be configured for the scene address if the previous file was printed on that route or, in series II, in case you used the control panel to determine a text style in the scene address. You must reset the printer to the rendering address.

To-Do in this way press the Hold key to reset in the laserjet too, press the enter /to reset menu key in series II, or turn off the printer and then turn it on again. In case you are using a delicate textual style, know that killing the printer ejects the textual style from memory. If you need to change the direction of the diagram, you can do so by changing its pivot with the manual revolution of the size of the configuration image.


  • I cannot print a full-page diagram on my HP LaserJet printer.


In case you have more than 512kb of printer’s internal memory, you may have some delicate text styles stacked from another application. Reset the printer to get the delicate text styles.

In case you only have 512kb of printer’s internal memory, you cannot print a full-page high-thickness diagram (300 spots per inch (dpi)) on a laser printer. You must purchase additional printer memory or decrease the size or objectives of the diagram To choose a laserjet printer.

A Laserjet in addition to the printer, and a laserjet II printer, see the change of equipment chosen in the introduction program. For more information, the laserjet controller allows you to print diagrams at 75dpoi, while the laserjet controller, in addition to the controller, allows you to print graphics that are thin (100 dpi) or high (300 dpi).

In the event that you determine both in the introductory program, you can explore three design densities when using the print diagram, select the hardware printer settings and the three alternatives will be displayed for you to review.


  • I have difficulty printing two medium-sized diagrams according to my HP Laserjet printer.


Laserjet printers cannot print on the half-inch base of the page, therefore, characterize the following configuration with the image size setting in half for your medium-sized diagrams. upper equivalent to ..395, left equivalent to 1,102, height equivalent to 4,191 and width equivalent to 5,805.

Review graphics:


  • I saved a diagram in 1.2.3 and printed it with the print chart, however, I couldn’t see the chart again when I returned to 1.2.3.


When you save a chart in 1.2.3 with / chart spare, you save it in a chart document (PIC) that can only print the chart or WYSIWYG. You cannot see or alter this record in 1.2.3, you can see a diagram in a print chart using the selected image to present a chart and pressing F10 (Chart).

You cannot, however, display any improvement in the diagram in the print box. To view the diagram with WYSIWYG, select the chart or PIC and enter the name of the chart record.

In the event that you make a diagram in 1.2.3 that you need to use in future 1,2,3 sessions, you must name the chart with the chart name mark. This address creates a named chart by distributing a name to any diagram configuration that exists when you use the order.

After naming a chart, you should also use / File spare to save named diagrams with the worksheet, in case you do not finish this means that the diagram settings are lost when the 1.2, 3 sessions end.

When you are ready to work with a specific chart In 1,2,3, you can use/use the name of the diagram to choose the chart you need to work with. You will have the option to see the chart, change its settings, etc.

Change hardware configuration:

Problem: When I try to choose a printer with a configuration hardware printer, I receive a message that says there is no artwork printer in the driver set.


He did not choose an illustration printer in the presentation program. To choose a design printer, see change the chosen equipment in the introduction program. For more information. Taking care of the problems and solving the print graphic step by step.

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