IRIScan Desk 5 Desktop camera scanner Latest Version Free Download

IRIScan Desk 5 Desktop camera scanner Latest Version Free Download

IRIScan Desk 5 Desktop camera scanner Latest Version Free Download. Hi, There YouTube pretty excited right now this has finally arrived this is the iris scam they’re a subsidiary of the canon I believe I’ve asked and booked five handheld scanner now this is completely portable comes. With a 4 gigabyte SD card which will enable me to scan without a computer. So I could just scan pages of books it comes with bundled OCR software.

That stands for optical character recognition so let’s open the box and see what’s included. Right so this appears to be the devices so apparently there are no manuals included so it says to get started and it gives you /and a QR code. So yeah and what’s this is a mini USB cable so that would be useful for charging the device entirely sure if you can scan while it’s connected to the PC be quite the funky if it does is I think the battery only lasts for about a hundred images.

IRIScan Desk 5 Desktop camera scanner

IRIScan Desk 5 Desktop camera scanner

Which aren’t really a lot well and there’s the SD card so a should be four gigabytes but I can’t really read that let’s open the case never opens these ah there let’s see oh it’s branded. I these four gigabytes and there’s a pouch and does this the normal Oh software serial. So suppose you’ll need that to activate any OCR iris pro 15 I’m guessing that’s polished leggy me I guess that’s Italian I’m not even.

Going to try that I’m guessing that’s meandering though right let’s fire up. This bad boy and do some scanning right now one criticism of this scanner is that it’s difficult to use. It’s overly complicated a lot of reviews and I don’t think it’s that bad I’ll try and give you a rough overview on how it works now to turn it on there’s a long press okay you have a little SD card icon.

A flasher means it’s saving to sd card. I think that’s the default is pretty simple on here you’ve got an option to save it in different formats JPEG PDF and PDF multiple pages. So that’s quite simple I’m gonna keep it on PDF this the topic button changes the DPI so that’s dots per inch so it’s changed it to 300 600 1200.

So that’s quite simple and there are of options playback see what you’ve done. So that’s about it so long keypress is powering off so it’s not too complicated, okay if you want some of the more advanced features you’ll probably have to have a look at the online manual that being a bloke.

I haven’t looked at the instructions yet really shit what I most like about this the scanner is its portability you can just throw it in your bag with your laptop and you can just go out for the day not an advantage over a flatbed scanner is it silently doesn’t have any birthing motors no flashing bright lights no clunking backward and forwards being a book scanner where it really comes into it is own this scanning books like dirt.

So I’ll show you an example here I’ve got the very old nice antique book obviously putting it on a flatbed scanner could damage delicate pages don’t really want to do that my books and I think we should look after books you know for future generations. So what I’m going to do now is just scan this very nice map of London just for the benefit of this video and I’ll show you how it turns out now I’ve set. This on 2p F if you can see there it’s 1200 dpi so start scanning I just press. The middle Scan button as you can see the scan scanning lens.

I think that score is offset to one side that’s designed so it can fit white in the margin of a book which is ideal for what we’re going to do now. So now that scan icon is there we can slowly slide it over the page being very steady and careful and when we finished press scan again and now that shows a little preview of what we’ve just scanned. I think that’s a great feature it means you can see what you’ve kept cheered. So it doesn’t come to a time when you were playing say half a day later than you think oh that really didn’t scan but I’ll have to do it again I know that now captures it quite as.

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