JitBit Macro Recorder Latest Version Free Download

JitBit Macro Recorder Latest Version Free Download. Not just a keyboard and mouse recorder but a powerful automation tool that converts macros to EXE files and more. Macro Recorder – the best macro program for Windows.

JitBit Macro Recorder Latest Version is the getting started forge it bit macro recorder. this is the main application window and the most important button is this one, of course, start recording. let’s actually do some recording and hit the button I’m moving my mouse I do some clicks and when I’m done I just hit stop or press ctrl Q and go back to the main window.

JitBit Macro Recorder Free Download

JitBit Macro Recorder Free Download


as you can see the macro recorder has created a script for me which is filled with well basically it consists of nothing but delays and mouse moves well it basically says wait for 499 milliseconds. then move the mouse to 108 74 screen coordinates. then wait a bit more than move the mouse again and so on and so forth let’s play it and see how it works.


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JitBit Macro Recorder Download

I’m not touching my mouse right now it works all by itself and when the playback is finished I can hit play again or hit close to go back to the main window. let’s delete everything for now and I’ll show you how to create a macro instead of a recording. it let’s say I want a macro recorder to start Windows notepad for me I insert a launch file command and type in notepad then I want the macro recorder to wait until notepad is actually launched.

so I add a delay command 200 milliseconds will be just fine or which is more convenient actually. I add a wait for process command that will wait for the notepad to start instead of just adding a random delay. so what I just did I created a script that starts notepad and then waits until the notepad is actually started because it’s Windows you know you never know if it started or not then I won’t Mack.

recorder to type some text into the notepad window I add a typed text the command to my macro let’s say hi there notepad. okay so let’s play this macro and see how it works. here’s the notepad started and we have our text in it I can play it again and again. well instead of clicking play again I can hit ctrl P which is what I’m doing. right now, again and again, opening notepads lots of notepads with my phrase well, that’s basically it that’s. how the macro recorder works thank you for watching and please visit our website at triple w jit bit calm.

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