MetaX Software Latest Version Free Download

MetaX Software Latest Version Free Download. Label your movies so they look perfect on iTunes, Apple TV, or other media players. When you want your movies to look as good as the ones you bought on iTunes, with covers, descriptions, ratings, actors, and more, you NEED MetaX.

MetaX Software Free Download

MetaX Software Free Download

With just a click of the mouse or two, MetaX will search all the major sources of movie and TV information on the web: TVDB, TheMovieDB, iTunes, as well as IMDB and Yahoo posters and display the information. You can select from multiple entries to get the look you want, then quickly write the tags to the file so it appears on iTunes, Apple TV, or whatever media playback you use, just as you would have if you had purchased the iTunes movie

MetaX Software Download

MetaX supports MP4, M4V, ASF, MOV, AVI, MKV and WMV files. Not all formats support all labels. AVI files, in particular, are not compatible with most tags, including the non-cover.

Easy to customize:

MetaX has many preferences that allow it to work the way you want it to. You can configure MetaX to copy the tagged file to a different location, set the filename or title based on the program information (title, year, showtime, season, episode, and more).

You can have MetaX extract the name of the movie or TV show, season and episode number from the file name, you can save a copy of the file without tagging, you can specify which data sources you want to use and in what order to display the search results and MetaX automatically update iTunes and MovieLibrary when tagging a file.

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