NETGATE Registry Cleaner 12.0.405.0 Version Free Download

NETGATE Registry Cleaner 12.0.405.0 Version Free Download. It includes Startup manager to manage programs started at Windows startup and Uninstall manager for handy applications uninstall. Supports scheduling of scans and backup option for better security.

NETGATE Registry Cleaner cleans and defragment your registry, speed-up your PC, removes unneeded files on disks, removes activity traces. Hello everybody! You are all so welcome to another review! Today we are going to test Xyvos Antivirus version 1.50.

NETGATE Registry Cleaner 12.0.405.0 Download

NETGATE Registry Cleaner 12.0.405.0 Download

This software is not a conventional antivirus It does not count with signatures database for detection It also does not have a scanning tool It uses behavioral analysis to protect the machine What it means is similar to Threatfire and Emsisoft Mamutu. I kept the default settings And nothing has been changed Here you can see the default sensitivity level is set to “high” It also does not allow me to enable the option “Exploit Protection” Lets now check RAM memory usage.


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NETGATE Registry Cleaner Download

These two services here belong to Xyvus Antivirus A memory usage between 20 to 25 MB of RAM memory Here. I have a list of malicious links and let’s start testing. This is the homepage of Xyvus’s manufacturer This one was not detected. This is a Trojan banker I will kill this process To continue testing This seems to be an exploit page.

This one was detected by Xyvos As a suspicious activity Informing this program is trying to intrude system by changing its registry I will choose for “Terminate and mark as untrusted” This is a page that contains a threat based on Java technology It was detected by Xyvos.

I will terminate and mark as untrusted This one was also detected by Xyvos I will terminate and mark as untrusted. This link is dead And this link is also dead The first one here in RAM memory was already classified as malware by KillSwitch.

This one is probably also malware And this one is also malware. I will restart the computer now And I will return with the results from Malwarebytes But before I will run the CCleaner. I will be right back At the end of Malwarebytes scanning process Two infected objects were found One malware, the Trojan.

Agent, I will clean these objects now OK! I will start scanning now with Hitman Pro And I will return at the end with the results At the end of the Hitman Pro scanning process. It was detected the presence of a Trojan I will erase this threat now Computer will be restarted now And I will return in a moment with the results from Emsisoft Anti-Malware At the end of Emsisoft scanning process.

Nothing was found I will start scanning now with SuperAntiSpyware And I will return at the end with the results. At the end of the SuperAntiSpyware scanning process, Nothing was found Well, my final words About Xyvos Antivirus version 1.50.

The Xyvos calls itself an antivirus But it is just a behavior guard software And so, It should not be used as the only protection tool of a computer Its performance was good in this test But I think there are better options on the market Like.

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