Nimbus Screen Screenshot Latest Version Free Download

Nimbus Screen Screenshot Latest Version Free Download. During this period, dozens of products have been created and millions of users currently enjoy them. Nimbus Web has developed various Internet products for more than 6 years: services, browser plug-ins, and applications for mobile devices.

Nimbus Screen Screenshot Free Download

Nimbus Screen Screenshot Free Download

The Ultimate Productivity Package. Nimbus Web has been developing products for mobile applications, browser extensions, and desktop software. Our products help people to be productive and organized.

Never forget things that are important to you!

Nimbus Note will make sure you never forget or lose valuable information ever again! Create and edit notes, save web pages, customize screenshots and share instantly them with your friends and coworkers. Your important information follows you wherever you go for instant access anytime, anywhere.

Key features

  • Screenshots and screencasts
  • Annotate and edit screenshots and videos
  • Upload and share
  • Access screenshots and videos from mobile devices, web and desktop computers
  • Collaborate through workspaces
  • OCR for screenshots
  • End-to-end encryption for screenshots and screencasts

Nimbus Screen Screenshot Download

Web Clipper that works!

  • See everything you can do with Nimbus Web Clipper:
  • Capture the entire web page and save it for future use
  • Capture only part of the web page
  • Highlight text before saving web clipping
  • Add tasks to the cutout before sending it to a colleague
  • Crop images from a web page
  • Trim PDF files and note down before saving
  • Email clip, including all responses and attachments (Gmail and Hotmail)
  • Trim anything with just a click!

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