Paragon ExtFS for Windows Latest Version Free Download

Paragon ExtFS for Windows Latest version free download. extFS is one of the major Linux file systems. With the integrated controller, you can connect extFS storage devices to your PC and access their contents to read, copy or modify them.

Paragon ExtFS for Windows Free Download

Paragon ExtFS for Windows Free Download

With Paragon Ext for Windows, you can work with a native Linux file system with Windows. Just connect your Ext2 / 3/4 hard drive to your PC and you can instantly modify the files on the Linux partition.


  • Quick read and write access to HDD, SSD, or Linux format flash drives
  • Supported ext2, ext3, and ext4 file systems
  • Set-and-run mode of operation
  • Managed through the Windows system tray or from Windows CMD
  • Support for Linux LVM disks
  • Includes “Run at startup” and “Automount” functions
  • Safe expulsion ready

Paragon ExtFS for Windows Download

extFS for Windows from Paragon Software is a driver that allows you to read and write extFS formatted files on a Windows computer. Paragon ExtFS for Windows is a special utility that allows you to get full access to Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4 on Windows.

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