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Portrait Pro Studio Free download of the latest version of Portrait Pro Studio. Portrait Professional Studio can help you make your subjects as beautiful as possible, incredibly fast and easy. Portrait Professional Studio CD-ROM Case If your portraits and weddings look good, they will buy more prints. Many more impressions. And they will tell their friends what a great job you have done.

Portrait Pro Studio Free Download

Portrait Pro Studio Free Download

Today we are filming a pastel inspired beauty story. What I want to achieve is images with a soft and feminine feeling where elements such as hair and makeup are captured perfectly. I also want to make sure that the lighting is consistent from shot to shot and that the colors are in harmony with each other.


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Portrait Pro Studio Download

Color and light are the main components of my photography. In shots like this, it is important for me to choose light units that provide a constant color temperature throughout the shot. Profoto D2 will be my goal in this project. I want to use light units that I know I can trust 100 percent to be able to focus on the creative side of my session. Today I decided to challenge myself a bit and change the lighting settings six times.

The challenge here is to keep the lighting constant from shot to shot in smoothness and mood even though the settings are really changing. I will use a selection of Softboxes of different sizes and shapes and a Beauty Dish.

I chose these tools, as they provide a soft, pearly overall light that’s perfect for announcing the feminine mood I want to achieve. Most of the time I have placed the main light around 30-45 degrees around the subject and use other light units as shadow fill for the light background or just to accentuate the model’s hair or cheek.

Profoto Softboxes are one of my favorite light modeling tools. I love how many sizes and shapes there are to choose from and how extremely versatile they are. Using the Profoto D2 with its fast recycle time and intuitive interface. even changing the lighting settings six times was quick and easy.

With light, we have the incredible power to tell a million different stories and evoke a million different feelings on the viewer. Choosing light shaping tools that suit who you are as an artist will allow you to unlock this magic and create powerful images in your own signature style.

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