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Software and Utility Programs Chapter 1 Operating Systems

Software and Utility Programs Chapter 1 Operating Systems The software is also called the program. Different types of software are used to address different problems.

Software and Utility Programs Chapter 1

Work systems Many instructions given to the computer to solve a problem are called software. A computer works as instructed in the instructions written in the software. A computer cannot run any messages without software.

Types of software

The main types of software are as follows:

  • System software
  • Application Software

System software

The system software is a large number of projects to control and manage the actual activities of the computer hardware. Control the use and portion of different hardware segments. Allows application projects to run properly. Control the fundamental activities as activities.

  • Saving data in the circle
  • Make computer work for us
  • Print a file, etc.

1. work system

A work system is a large number of projects that eliminate all parts and tasks of the computer. A computer cannot do anything without a system that works. The work system must be introduced to each computer.

The work system functions as an interface between the client of the computer and the hardware. The client communicates with the computer through the work system. Microsoft Windows and Linux are examples of work systems.

Utility Projects

A utility is a type of software that is used for convincing the management of computer systems. The client can use a utility program to perform support tasks identified with different devices and projects.

2. Application software

Application software is used to make different applications on the computer. Encourage a computer client to perform explicit tasks. People use application software according to their needs. Otherwise, it is called an application package. The application software uses the work system for the functions.


  • Some important example
  • Word processor, for example, MS Word
  • Spreadsheets, for example, MS Access and Lotus 123, etc.
  • Database software, for example, MS Access and Oracle, etc.
  • Design software, for example, Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop, etc.

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