Some Mobile Operating Systems and Different Features
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Some Mobile Operating Systems and Different Features

Some Mobile Operating Systems and Different Features It provides the remote network with a graphical user interface, email support with the touch screen, route systems, voice recognition, Android system, iOS and Internet browsers, etc. Some examples of mobile devices with Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Firefox OS.

Some Mobile Operating Systems

Some Mobile Operating Systems


Mobile operating systems and different features A work system used in handheld computers and the different functions of the work system.

1. BlackBerry:

BlackBerry devices offer the ability to monitor plans, contacts. They also give the functions of the phone, sending messages of letters, instant messages, online reading, etc. BlackBerry is an exclusive work system that runs on convenient devices developed by Research In Motion (RIM). Some BlackBerry devices use I-pictures, play music and access maps. Many BlackBerry devices incorporate a reduced console and contact screens.

2. Android:

It is a Lin-based open source work system for cell phones and tablets. Android is a mobile work system planned by Google. Different manufacturers produce devices that run the Android work system. Android reinforces multi contacts and language skills. There are a lot of uses accessible for Android through Google photographs, it allows mobile customers to use Google Drive to store and access email, with schedules and digital records on the web. It perceives fingerprints and the customer can open the device checking the security.

3. Windows Phone:

It still works on some cell phones. Windows Phone is a licensed mobile work system developed by Microsoft. Some important Windows features Provide a mosaic-based home screen interface to display constant information about missed calls, new messages, and social system updates, etc. It also offers mobile variants of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It gives access to OneDrive to additional reports, photographs, music, and recordings. It allows the customer to use the mobile as a remote control for the TV. Windows Phone Store provides access to additional applications and software.

4. iOS:

It is intended for Apple mobile devices, for example, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It supports multi-touch input and performs multiple tasks. It is developed by Apple and depends on the Mac OS X operating system from Apple. There are a lot of applications accessible for iOS through the Apple Store. It incorporates the Safari Internet browser and applications for email, messages, music, searches and video calls. It also incorporates a Notification Center to view all notices in a single area. In addition, it provides the Find My iPhone application to remotely search, block or delete a lost or stolen device.

5. Firefox operating system:

Firefox Os is an open-source work system that depends on Linux. It still works on cell phones and tablets developed by Mozilla.


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