Super MP3 Software Latest Version Free Download

Super MP3 Software Latest Version Free Download. FREE music downloads, unlimited online listening, USA Airplay Hot 100, 14 genres of top songs, and more! Super MP3 Download is an easy-to-use software that allows you to search and download over 100 million MP3s for free.

Super MP3 Software Free Download

Super MP3 Software Free Download

This utility converts audio files between MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and VQF formats and converts AC3 / VOB files to any of those formats. In our tests, Super MP3 Converter produced good quality files at a decent rate. You can open numerous audio files and set separate destination formats and folders for each.

The program can also shut down the computer when finished, perfect for running a batch conversion overnight. The installation took a little longer than we expected, but you can choose to create a desktop icon and start the program automatically at the end.

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Super MP3 Software Download

Although the main window wastes space, the program lacks the option to maximize it to see more information about the file. The settings seem to apply only to MP3 files, although we liked the built-in player. People who need to convert many audio files between popular formats should try Super MP3 Converter.

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