The Component of Database Environment With Database Management
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The Component of Database Environment With Database Management

The Component of Database Environment With Database Management This information is the metadata that is important to deal with the database.

The Component of Database Environment

The Component of Database Environment

1:Part of the database environment:

  • A store is the placement of all data definitions, data relationships, performance styles, and report groups, etc.

2: Database management system:

  • A database management system (DBMS) is a meeting of projects that used to make and maintain a database.

3: Database:

The database can be characterized as an accumulation composed of related data.

4: Application program:

An application program is a program that is used in addresses to the database management system to control the database. These instructions are sent to the DBMS through the graphical user interface. The client connects to the application program and the application program in addition to the database management system. Two important application projects are developer2000 and power manufacturer.

5: User interface:

The user interface is a visual situation that the client uses to talk to the computer. It consists of menus, screenshots and different parts. All Windows-based software uses a graphical user interface. The user interface consists of the following parts:


The structures are used to enter data into the database. A structure consists of tables of content, names and captures that the client uses to enter data effectively. The client can also retrieve, change and update data using structures.


The menus are a summary of instructions to perform different air circulations. Menus are used from time to time in Windows-based applications.


Reports are the performance of the database application. The client can produce different types of reports by controlling the database. Information about the reports controlling the database.

6: Data managers:

Data executives are the people responsible for the entire information system. They approve access to the database in the same way that they organize and analyze the use of the database.

7: System analysts and application programmers:

System researchers decide the final customer’s prerequisite and create specifications for exchanges. Application software engineers update these specifications and projects.

8: End-user:

An end customer is those people who interact with the application directly. They are reliable for embedding, deleting and updating data in the database. Obtain system information when necessary.

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