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The Features of Word Processing Software Information

The Features of Word Processing Software Information Characteristics of the word processing software Highlights of the word processing software.

Features of Word Processing Software

Features of Word Processing Software


Some important features of the word processing software are as follows in the following word processing software.

1-Speech Recognition:

Some subsequent word processing projects grant voice recognition to the workplace. The client speaks through the mouthpiece and the words are made in the register. You can also see different calls.

2-Word wrap:

The word processor normally moves to the next line when the customer line is full of substance. Adjust the substance if the edges are changed.


Word processing software offers a wide variety of structure workplaces. The customer can change the concealment, the concealment of the bases, the size and style of the substance. The association can interact with characters, entries or entire pages.

4-Unification of mail:

The mail merge is a strategy to obtain a letter surrounded together with the substance of the database. It is usually a name and a summary of addresses. United Mail incorporates what facilitates the sending of a letter similar to a scheme of different people with the correct name and address printed on each letter.


Text processing software hits the press. The customer can print reports to acquire a printed duplicate. The customer can print the total report or the scope of any page.

6-Find and impersonate:

Search is used to search for a particular character, word or articulation in the document. The impersonation function is used to find a particular character, word or articulation in the registry and replace it with another.

7-Sentence structure:

Spelling and sentence structure functions are used to distinguish and reconsider spelling and phonetic disorders in reports.


Text processing software typically solves several misspelled words and errors in upper and lower case with this AutoCorrect component.


The word processing software gives the workplace tables to compose the data. The table is an accumulation of lines and portions. The customer can certainly incorporate lines and segments of a table without disturbing data.


This component provides words comparable to a word in the registry. A word with a comparative meaning is known as a proportional word.


Word processing software allows you to isolate the page as fragments. The customer can use any number of areas in the document. A page with segments resembles the substance of a newspaper or magazine.

12-Scheduled Content:

The word processing software allowed you to store the message of all occasions to use more than once in the documents.


The configuration is a previously requested document that is completed as a model to create new records. It is used to make letters, notifications and viable reports.

14-Header and footer:

Word processing software allows the workplace to insert headers and footers in a report. The header is the one that appears in the most notable purpose of each searched message that appears at the base of each page. Page numbers are commonly used in association names or dates are headers and footers.

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