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The Xech A8 Voice Assist Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Xech A8 Voice Assist Headphones Review and Specifications Review and specifications of the Xech A8 Voice Assist headphones The Xech A8 headphones make talking with your cell phone a little less unbalanced.

The device looks remarkable at first glance, however, we immediately discover things that we didn’t care about its style and plan. We found the edges and corners of the headband excessively sharp, and the termination seemed very boring and dirty. There is only one organization logo, which can be found at the highest point of the headband.

The Xech A8 Voice Assist Headphones

The Xech A8 Voice Assist Bluetooth Headphones

Despite the fact that the Xech A8 earmuffs turned in reverse up to 90 degrees for simple storage, there is no forward turning to help with the adjustment and comfort. This implied that the headphones never sat in our ears with serenity, and the confinement of latent clamor was also poor. In addition, the stable was effectively shed, and others in the room could hear what we were tuning into.

Inside the headband has a delicate elastic cushioning, and the earmuffs are also padded. Be that as it may, regardless of the case of an “over-ear” adjustment on the container, the headphones did not completely cover our ears and sat on them like headphones on the ear.

Structure and specifications of the Xech A8 Voice Assist headphones

From a separation, the Xech A8 Voice Assist headphones to look a lot like the famous Bose and Sony alternatives but very close is a different story.

The Xech A8 has four closures on the correct hearing aid, which controls Bluetooth matching, mode, volume, and playback. Most catches are easy to reach and simple enough to familiarize yourself with them. The correct hearing aid base has a Micro-USB port for charging, an indicator light, a 3.5 mm accessory for tuning with cable, a mouthpiece and an opening for microSD card.

The element obviously uses your cell phone, tablet or PC to really do your voice instructions, however, the headset gives you the opportunity to summon the voice of your right hand without contacting the phone and use your mouthpiece to give instructions.

Pressing the capture of Play a lot evokes the voice partner on your cell phone, which will undoubtedly be Siri or Google Assistant, of course, it depends on your cell phone. The element is also optimized to work with Bixby and Cortana depending on what is the default value of your phone, and during our survey period, we discovered that it also worked with Alexa.

The business package is well prepared, with a Micro-USB link for charging, an auxiliary link for wired sound, a flat connector, and an excellent hard case. The Xech A8 has Bluetooth 4.2 and is only compatible with the SBC sound codec.

In addition to the availability of wired and Bluetooth sound, the headphones can also be used to tune the FM radio and legitimately play music from a microSD card. Both features worked well for us, however, the absence of a showcase in the handset implies that looking over radio stations or tracks involves pressing ‘next’ or ‘past’ more than once and looking for something you like.

During our audit, the Xech A8 Voice Assist headset operated for approximately 5 hours, 30 minutes on a solitary charge, and took about three hours to fully charge. This is quite frustrating for a pair of headphones, in any case, thinking about the cost.

We have examined a considerable amount of reasonable headphones, including the not very bad Ant Audio Treble 900 and Boat Rockerz 400, which offer not very bad incentives around Rs. 2,000 frames At this level of value, essential remote availability and adequate sound quality are extremely everything we seek, however, any additional feature is undoubtedly welcome.

That brings us to the most recent pair of headphones valued at around Rs. 2,000 that we have had the opportunity to survey, the Xech A8 Voice Assist. For Rs. 2,499, you get a pair of remote headphones optimized for use with different administrations of voice partners, and also has FM radio and SD card playback. We have tested this moderate pair of remote headphones, and here is our audit.


  • Good carry case included
  • FM radio, microSD card support
  • Buttons are easy to use
  • Loud


  • Very poorly designed
  • Uncomfortable, problematic fit
  • Below-par battery life
  • Bad sound quality
  • Always starts in Bluetooth pairing mode and at the highest volume
  • Voice Assistant functionality is frustrating
  • Ratings (out of 5)

Design/ comfort: 2

  • Audio quality: 1.5
  • Battery life: 2.5
  • Value for money: 2.5
  • Overall: 2

Running Xech A8 Voice Assist headphones

We had hoped that the Xech A8 headphones would compensate for their physical deficiencies with the average sound, however, that was not the situation. The sound quality is poor in these headphones, and other performance problems further discolor the user experience.

We tune in to the music using Bluetooth (combined with an Android cell phone), FM radio and microSD alternatives and we found that the presentation was reliably less than impressive across the board through sound sources.

The first problem we had with the headset is that when it was turned on, it would constantly start in the Bluetooth matching mode. This implied that, consequently, it would not be associated with a recently compatible device, and we had to go through each of the modes and then return to Bluetooth for the Xech A8 to interact naturally with the source device. In addition, the headphones began constantly at their greatest volume. These are not little brothers and immediately turned out to be very disturbing to us.

We saw the sound signature as an excessively warm piece, with a sound throughout the recurrence range that sounds too rumbling. After all, this was not simply a blunt bass in which even now we could have delighted; everything from the bass to the treble had an unpleasant thunder, which completely changed the way the tracks sounded.

Tune in to Netsky’s Tequila Limonada brought out the bass so unequivocally that it was difficult to concentrate on something other than thunder that should have been a staple of the song.

The overwhelming sound of the explosions also extends in the lower-middle part, which influences the voices. The upper-middle-range and the highs are much softer than the lower ones, which inclines the character of most tracks and produces an exhausting sound that we could not take for more than 20-25 minutes one after another.

In addition, we were not intrigued by the partition of the instrument and the organization of the sound, the above was barely noticeable, while the latter was restricted and barely achieved more than the fundamental stereo decoupling. The main positive part of the sound is that these headphones can become very bustling.

The functionality associated with the voice worked with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, however, the receiver on the Xech A8 was not extraordinary. Frequently, I could not properly convey the instructions and requests that our cell phone without anyone else could decode flawlessly well. This provoked some fun collaborations: the question ‘What could you do?’ It was understood as ‘Kangaroo’.

Repeated attempts to call an associate with an application in English made the Google Assistant reason that we were speaking in Hindi and, therefore, neglected to complete the address. We discovered that it was easier to legitimately address any voice from the right hand on the Android cell phone, instead of using the headphones to do that. Finally, we tried to use the headphones for voice calls and considering that the discussions were conceivable, the sound quality was correspondingly rumbling and unpleasant in both finishes.


Tech A8 Voice Assist headphones are disconcerting and lose their mark on different accounts. Regardless of whether it is the plan, comfort, battery life, sound quality or key publicity functionality of the rationalization for voice partners, Tech A8 headphones provide a great experience. In fact, even in their Rs. 2,499 value, we think it is difficult to suggest this pair of headphones. On the contrary, we recommend that you choose the Ant Audio Treble 900, which is a superior element and costs less.

  • Optimized for Siri and Google Assistant, make the XECH A8 your personal assistant using only your voice.
  • High-end drivers bring your audio to life with additional bass and good clarity.
  • Answer calls on the fly at the click of a button with a high-quality built-in microphone that guarantees smooth and clear calls. Switch between tracks, answer calls or control volume levels with the control panel built into the body.
  • Connect wirelessly or connect to your devices with the dedicated auxiliary cable on days when you have a low battery
  • The sleek design allows the headphones to fold inward, making them super portable and easier to store and perfect for traveling.

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