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Top 10 Best Places To Live In Illinois For 2020

Top 10 Best Places To Live In Illinois For 2020. We use science and data to determine the best places to live in the prairie state.

Top 10 Best Places To Live In Illinois

Top 10 Best Places To Live In Illinois


Barrington has all that you’d anticipate from an affluent Illinois suburb; a land scene overflowing with memorable Victorian houses; excellent nature jam; extraordinary pony riding trails and a model educational system. It’s no big surprise the Barrington territory postal district is the seventh wealthiest postal division in the United States.

With a populace of around 10,000 individuals, Barrington is comprised of six free towns including North and South Barrington, Lake Barrington, Tower Lakes, and Barrington Hills. Very nearly 20 miles northwest of Chicago, Barrington scores profoundly on all markers of ‘liveability’ with low crime percentages, high graduation rates, and a steady lodging market.

The main liveability marker that Barrington scores ineffectively on is the average cost for basic items, which is nothing unexpected given the region’s extraordinary courtesies that give it a general arrangement of sixteenth on AreaVibes ongoing liveability survey. The town of Barrington even has its own happy proverb, ‘an extraordinary spot to live, work and play!


Northbrook is an unspoiled little town of around 33,000 individuals situated in Cook County on Chicago’s North Shore. A prime spot for those hoping to get away from the city and appreciate a more slow pace of life, the Village of Northbrook is home to various noteworthy structures including the old town corridor and park that go back to the town’s fuse in 1901, at which time it was known as Shermerville.

The great instruction framework in Northbrook is one of the principal draws for families with a secondary school graduation rate that is 15% higher than the remainder of Illinois. The town is home to Glenbrook North High School which was established in 1953 and is well known for being a shooting area for the film ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’. Positioned the seventeenth most attractive spot to live in Illinois as per AreaVibes, Northbrook has a low crime percentage, high graduation rates, and a steady lodging market.

3.Highland Park:

Everyone cherishes Highland Park, particularly the individuals who need to make the day by day drive into Chicago City. Only 26 miles from downtown Chicago, Highland Park has a populace of around 30,000 individuals. On the off chance that you don’t have to wander into the large city all the time, downtown Highland Park has bounty to keep you busy with its own incredible shopping and café locale.

Good country Park has an amazingly low crime percentage, 56 percent lower than the Illinois normal. Good country Park likewise has some extraordinary schools that accomplish reliably high graduation rates and a solid lodging market. Situated in Lake County on the North Shore of the Chicago Met zone, Highland Park has all the advantages of living in a major city yet without the traffic, wrongdoing or clamor. A rooftop over your head in Highland Park doesn’t come modest however as home estimations are more than 200 percent higher than the Illinois normal.


Living it up in the best 25 spots to live in Illinois as indicated by AreaVibe, Wheaton is only west of Chicago and home to more than 50,000 individuals. One of the primary reasons Wheaton is remembered for this rundown is its inhabitants’ amazing normal yearly pay of over $85,000, a total that positions Wheaton in the best 25 most elevated winning towns in the U.S.

The individuals of Wheaton have had a ton of help in turning into a portion of the country’s most elevated workers as Wheaton is home to great schools, a broadly positioned open library and a splendid social insurance framework that rotates around the Cadence Health Central DuPage Hospital. It isn’t all work and no play in Wheaton however as the town additionally includes a flourishing midtown region brimming with shops and eateries and more than 50 open parks offering a variety of outside exercises for its solid residents. Wheaton’s low crime percentage is the cherry on the cake.


Elmhurst turns out top in our rundown of the best places to live in Illinois for culture. Both the Theater Historical Society of America and the esteemed Elmhurst Art Museum are situated right now town of only 45,000 individuals. Situated in DuPage and Cook regions, only west of the city of Chicago, Elmhurst has a great normal family pay that is right around 50 percent higher than that of the remainder of Illinois.

The instruction in Elmhurst is A+ with various fine schools and a high graduation rate. The crime percentage is low however shockingly the equivalent can’t be said of the typical cost for basic items which is high with house costs taking off as of late. Scoring a positioning of 19 in AreaVibe’s liveability file, Elmhurst has a climate that is not really good or bad, the same as the remainder of Illinois, yet individuals despite everything rush here to live gratitude to the awesome pedestrianized downtown zone and top-notch social foundations.

6.Arlington Heights:

Arlington Heights’ proverb is ‘the city of good neighbors’ and if that wouldn’t make you like to move there I don’t have a clue what will. Arlington Heights is found only 25 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, the ideal area for a day by day drive. Being an Arlington Heights mortgage holder is an entirely attractive situation to be in as home estimations in the Heights are more than 100 percent higher than somewhere else in Illinois.

Obviously, the inhabitants of Arlington Heights additionally appreciate a normal yearly salary that is higher than a significant part of the remainder of Illinois. Arlington Heights isn’t simply one more standard suburb, however, this town (that is sufficiently large to be a little city) is home to the Arlington Heights Memorial Library which houses perhaps the biggest assortment in Illinois, a flourishing midtown zone with a humming nourishment scene and Arlington Park Race Track. This race track has Breeder’s Cup qualifying occasion the Arlington Million every year.

7.Park Ridge City:

Park Ridge is an unassuming community and suburb of Chicago and from the outset look, there isn’t a lot to set Park Ridge separated from different towns of its kind dabbed all around the edges of Chicago. Park Ridge was once known as Pennyville to pay tribute to George Penny, a nearby specialist who assisted with making the region’s principle producing industry, block making. Park Ridge lies on an edge and the dirt underneath Park Ridge inhabitant’s feet is wealthy in the earth, making it ideal for block making.

The crime percentage in Park Ridge is low, the instruction framework’s awards are numerous and the lodging market is steady. What truly sets Park Ridge separated is its amazing graduated class that incorporates First Lady Hilary Clinton and on-screen character Harrison Ford to name yet two. Both of these noteworthy Americans learned at Maine East High School and may have visited the city’s primary tourist spots, the dazzling craftsmanship deco Pickwick Theater and the Park Ridge Public Library.


Edwardsville is perhaps the most established town in Illinois and has an unimposing populace of a little more than 24,000 individuals. Situated in Southern Illinois near St. Louis, Edwardsville is viewed as perhaps the best town in Illinois for families and those searching for a quiet however engaging retirement. The crime percentage is half of the Illinois normal and instruction benchmarks rank in the best 10% of the state.

Cheerfully lodging costs are normal and the typical cost for basic items is just somewhat higher than the normal of the remainder of Illinois. Edwardsville is the home to some amazing social and instructive establishments, for example, the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, the Edwardsville Arts Center and the workplaces of papers, Madison County Record and Edwardsville Intelligencer. There are more than 85 miles of cautiously kept up picturesque bikeway situated around Edwardsville and various lovely open parks. By and large, Edwardsville is viewed as the thirteenth most liveable spot to live in Illinois.


Some portion of the selective North Short set, there aren’t a lot more attractive spots to live in Illinois than Glenview. Ideal for families who need to live someplace that is protected and sustaining to the exclusion of everything else, Glenview has a little crime percentage, 64 percent lower than the remainder of Illinois and is home to a top-notch training framework with a secondary school graduation rate that is route better than expected. In 2015, Glenbrook School District was positioned second in the province of Illinois and tenth in the U.S. by Business Insider.

Family unit salary is high, as are home estimations and the typical cost for basic items however that is the thing that you anticipate from the town that has everything. Great parks and diversion locales are critical to the society of Glenview and they’re very much obliged with The Grove, a territory of prairie with guided nature trails, a network Park Center, two open-air pools and various golf clubs.


No rundown of the ten best places to live in Illinois would be finished without notice of Winnetka, the most extravagant town in Illinois and the second most extravagant town in the entire of the United States. Indeed, Winnetka is one of the most attractive spots to live in the U.S., perhaps even the world! Besides the self-evident, low crime percentage, great schools, stable lodging market, Winnetka is an attractive spot to live dependent on the engineering alone.

A large number of Winnetka’s domains, homes and chapels were structured by top draftsmen and even the city’s Crow Island School Has pronounced a National Historical Monument in 1990. Winnetka can likewise make various specialties as in 1965 Martin Luther King Jr. talked in Winnetka and in 1994 most of the film Home Alone was shot on a Winnetka road. Situated on the pleasant shore of Lake Michigan only 16 miles north of Chicago, Winnetka couldn’t feel a lot further from the hurrying around of the huge city.

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