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Top 10 Best Places to Tourism in the Caribbean

Top 10 Best Places to Tourism in the Caribbean. 10 Best Places to Retire in the Caribbean. When it comes to planning the retirement of your dreams in the Caribbean, not all Caribbean islands are the same. Some offer more cosmopolitan environments, others were more rugged.

Top 10 Best Places in the Caribbean

Top 10 Best Places in the Caribbean

Others offer more luxury, others more affordability. But when it comes to finding that perfect mix of affordability, available real estate and sheer excitement, it may be better to look where others are not. These are the best places to retire where you have never thought.

1: Barbuda:

Another top beach destination, Barbuda’s remoteness has helped the island maintain an exclusive, untouched character, with miles and miles of breathtaking beaches (and a Robert De Niro hotel in development). And because it’s part of Antigua and Barbuda, you can also take advantage of the country’s citizenship by investment program, which has a range of options from one-time contributions of $200,000 to the country’s National Development Fund to invest in certain approved real estate projects.

2: Culebra:

The less populated of the two so-called Spanish Virgin Islands (along with sibling Vieques), this green-hilled beauty is home to just about 2,000 people. And while Puerto Rico’s economy is struggling, its real estate market has some tremendous opportunities. And if you’re a U.S. citizen, moving is simple.

3: Dominica:

Sure, you may know Dominica as the Caribbean’s top nature destination (and almost certainly the Caribbean’s most naturally beautiful island), but you may not have thought of it as a retirement spot. But the island offers very affordable citizenship by investment, with a minimum of just $100,000 contribution to the country’s Government Fund, which helps fund schools, hospitals, and other projects on the island.

4: Anegada:

The capital of the beach of the British Virgin Islands, this distant island is full of lobsters and beach bars, but not of people. Yes, it’s remote by British Virgin Islands standards, but you’ll have your very own sandy paradise practically all to yourself.

5: Cayman Brac:

Rugged and remote, Cayman Brac is an exotic island popular with divers and those in search of tranquility. But it’s just a short 30-minute flight from Grand Cayman, one of the Caribbean’s best-developed islands, meaning you can have everything you need in a short afternoon trip.

6: Cat Island, Bahamas:

The Out Islands of the Bahamas offer a different kind of lifestyle, one that’s warm and friendly and never crowded. And even for the Out Islands, Cat Island is a calm place. There are beaches aplenty here and a solid supply of undeveloped property, too.

7: Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe:

Hidden away in the Guadeloupe archipelago of the Eastern Caribbean is Marie-Galante, home to more rum distilleries per capita than any other place on earth (there are three). Just imagine lazy beach days punctuated by a bike trip the local rum-maker for your afternoon shopping. Of course, this is the EU, so you’re getting a much higher level of development in a rustic, Caribbean package.

8: Great Exuma:

Lined with beautiful beaches, most see Great Exuma as a jumping-off point to explore the stunning waters of the Exuma archipelago. But it’s a happy, laid-back island, the perfect retirement destination for those enjoy bonefishing, sailing and living on the beach. Even better? There are daily flights from Miami.

9: Little Exuma:

Great Exuma’s tiny neighbor is quirky and fun, with a surprisingly large stock of villas and one of the Caribbean’s best beaches: Tropic of Cancer Beach. It’s accessed via a small bridge, so you get easy access to Great Exuma’s international airport.

10: Roatan:

While Honduras is still a bit off the radar for most Caribbean travelers, the island of Roatan has quietly grown into a viable retirement destination, with a thriving ex-pat community and a classic Caribbean island environment. It’s particularly hospitable for divers and snorkelers.

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