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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Croatia 2020

The 10 best places to visit in Croatia 2020. Your soccer team could have put Croatia in the last functions, but this nation should also be on its radar after the World Cup. Easy to reach from most European nations, Croatia offers moderate food, drink, and settlement despite its increasing prevalence among travelers; and its intrigue is widespread.

Best Places To Visit In Croatia

Best Places To Visit In Croatia


Regardless of whether you are looking for beautiful mountains to climb, unbeatable beaches to relax or shoot recommended settings for your selfies (both the Mamma Mia spin-off and the Game of Thrones network program have been filmed here), Croatia has it all. Here are ten of the best places to visit.

1. Zagreb:

The Croatian capital, Zagreb, is regularly ignored by the great intrigue of Split and Dubrovnik, however, it has a great cultural offer. Its flourishing roadside crafts and gastronomic scene make it the ideal destination for city breaks. The Museum of Broken Relationships (a curated sample of the remaining things of genuine connections) should be in its summary, as well as numerous visits to the city garbage of moderate but luxurious road feeding joints. Many companies offer nonstop flights, but at the same time, it is a five-hour train journey from Split, in case you want to go on a break from several goals.

2. Split:

If you are looking for picturesque places, at that time, the second-largest city in Croatia has positively the surprise factor. Diocletian’s Palace, a wonderful UNESCO World Heritage site and past filming location for TV’S Game of Thrones transports you directly to Roman occasions; while perspectives from the highest point of the Marjan Hill review stage must be accepted. Its coasts are also well known, Bacvice (Sandy Split Beach) is known for its nightclubs and celebrations by the sea. Split is one for history lovers and nature lovers.

3. Vis:

Croatia’s film certifications do not stop at Game of Thrones, a large part of Mamma Mia’s continuation was filmed on the impressive Croatian island of Vis. A smaller island, Vis is generally immaculate (despite the fact that we anticipate that before the long change!), And it’s a 2-hour boat trip from the most famous city in Split. It is frequented by its coasts (the Stinva coast won the best European coast in 2016) and its vineyards. Go before visitors plummet.

4. Dubrovnik:

One of the most important urban areas of travelers in Croatia in Dubrovnik. It offers everything: impressive history, experience, and captive scenes. For an old but good, visit the great divisors of the city or the Rector’s Palace, which dates back to the fourteenth century. Jump in the shuttle or go kayaking if the experience is your thing, and take a small boat trip to the island of Lokrum to observe the pleasant scenes. Television fans will also love the many Game of Thrones visits on offer, which will take you through notorious entertainment areas in Dubrovnik’s old town.

5. Istria:

This landmass is near the Italian strip and has recently become significantly more open to the British since EasyJet has declared direct courses from Southend and Liverpool. Its area implies that the Italian impact does not go unnoticed; It is essentially a paradise for foodies, offering everything from olive oil and truffle celebrations to winery visits. It is also home to Brijuni National Park, and even more about that Croatian pearl in a minute!

6. Brac Island:

A simple 50-minute boat trip from the falsehoods of Split on the island of Brat, a commendable temporary route on your agenda in case you need to get out of what you might expect. The small cities Bol (additionally one of the best windsurfing goals in Europe) and Splitska (which only has 400 occupants) offer an ideal relief from tranquility, while the community of the medieval city of Skrip is full of history.

7. Brijuni National Park:

This national park is really an island gathering near the port city of Pula in Istria. Depending on the month, the ticket costs are somewhere in the range of 125-210 Kuna Croats (between £ 17-28 pounds), so it really isn’t modest; Be that as it may, it could be justified, despite all the problems, as it offers the opportunity to investigate the Roman remains, the striking sight and visit creatures that occupy the island. Jurassic Park fans will appreciate the reality that you can purchase your own golf truck and will also see genuine dinosaur impressions!

8. Plitvice Lakes:

Another of the UNESCO World Heritage Croatia destinations is the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is an area of ​​300 square kilometers of normal magnificence; Made up of forests, sixteen different lakes, waterfalls and creature occupants (counting deer and bears). At the end of the day: it is a paradise for climbers.

There are a variety of climbing trails that circulate around the recreation center that fluctuates from 2 to 8 hours, so there are many alternatives that depend on how enthusiastic you feel. Many visit Plitvice Lake as a day trip from Zagreb, however, there is a great deal of convenience nearby that makes it plausible to stay in the region in the medium term. Depending on the month and duration of your visit, tickets range from 55 Kuna to 250 Kuna (£ 6 to £ 30).

9. Rijeka:

Rijeka is the third-largest city in Croatia and has recently been declared European Capital of Culture of 2020, and all things have also been considered. It is not exclusively home to the city of the National Theater of Croatia (which has numerous theater and theater exhibitions), but, on the other hand, it is known for its elective stone scene. The Zagreb air terminal offers bus transportation to Rijeka, and Split is a four-hour vehicle company.


Bisevo is another impressive Croatian island. The Blue Cave has seen tourists rushing towards it in the middle of the year, and they can’t really be accused. The 24-meter old-fashioned cavern is located near the entrance of Mezuporat, which makes it so unique that the water is illuminated in a mysterious electric blue when daylight hits its limestone. Unfortunately, this amazing site has been progressively occupied and confirmation charges have increased. Many trips to pontoons from Split consolidate it with a visit to Green Cave on the island of Vis, which is another amazing site.

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