USB Hidden Copier Latest Version Free Download

USB Hidden Copier Latest Version Free Download. You choose what file types to copy, you have complete control. No monitoring required. It runs automatically on Windows startup and detects USB drives instantly upon insertion.

USB Hidden Copier Latest Version Free Download Backup all your USB drives without clicking the ANY button! Just plug in your USB drive and you’re done. Collect data from USB drives that people connect to your computer. Analyze it later, find out who are you getting viruses from.

USB Hidden Copier Free Download

USB Hidden Copier Free Download


So how to show hidden files and folders of any hard drive, USB pen drive or flash drive, SSD or memory card? It is actually very easy with a Command Prompt command called “Attrib” command. See here within my USB flash drive I have 2 folders and 2 files. For example, I am hiding these files to show you how we can unhide these using CMD attrib command.

All files and folders are now hidden. Now to show hidden files and folders I will simply open CMD inside of my flash drive. To open CMD inside of any drive we need to hold down the “Shift” key from our keyboard. Then we need to perform a “Right Click” and then click on this “Open Command Window Here” menu Now to show hidden files and folders within this drive I’ll simply give this command.\


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USB Hidden Copier Download

Attrib -s -h -r /s /d. I provided this command in the description section so that you can simply copy and paste. Remember this command will work in Windows Power Shell too. In Windows 10 we know that CMD is deprecated. Therefore you can use Power Shell instead of CMD in Windows 10 Okay then hit enter. See the hidden files and hidden folders are now visible.

Now if we check folder options we will see hidden files, folders & drives option is still in “Don’t show” status. It means we can see hidden files and folders even if according to windows settings we are not supposed to see them. This command is extremely handy when your computer gets infected by the virus. And we know sometimes malware programs inject a lot of hidden files and folders within our computer.

Sometimes, unfortunately, we can’t show hidden files, folders & drives from folder options too. Because sometimes virus changes registry settings and freezes this option. If this is the case then you can use this CMD attrib command to forcefully unhide hidden files and folders. Guys If you liked my video please hit thumbs up and share it within your social media accounts with your friends.

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