Use Of Mobile Phone Repairing Multimeter Voltmeter or Ohm-meter

Use Of Mobile Phone Repairing Multimeter Voltmeter or Ohm-meter Mobile phone repair The “Function/extension switch” chooses the capacity (voltmeter, ammeter or ohmmeter) and the range for the estimation.

Mobile Phone Repairing Multimeter


Input terminal V” for voltage or ohm estimates. 200 mom input terminals “for low current estimates. 10 An information terminal” for huge current estimates.

Some multimeters additionally measure recurrence. There are two types of control and terminal of a multimeter.

Obstruction Measurement:

Add two wires in sockets called Vω and COM. The multimeter could now be used to measure the obstruction of a segment associated with these two wires.

Voltage measurement:

Mobile phone repair “Remove all associated cables. Turn on the meter and select V for DC voltage or V mode for AC voltage. Add a red wire to the connector called Vω and a dark wire to the connector called COM. When doing Voltage estimates, make certain that the voltmeter is associated in parallel with the cross-sectional circuit segments on which the voltage is estimated.

Current Measurement:

Eject all associated cables. Turn on the meter and select A for the ammeter mode, embed a red wire in the connector marked “An” and the dark wire in the ammeter is associated in series with the parts of the circuit through which the current is estimated.


The molecule is essential to structure the emission squares, and cannot be artificially subdivided by usual methods. The molecule is made of three types of particles. Protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons and neutrons are in charge of most of the nuclear mass. Both protons and neutrons inhabit the nucleus.

  • The mass of an electron is 9,108 X 10-28 grams.
  • The mass of a proton is 1,672 X 10-24 grams.
  • The mass of a neutron is 1,674 X 10-24 grams.

The proton has a positive charge (+) of 1.6 X 10-19 coulombs, the neutrons have no charge … they are impartial. Electrons live in orbitals around the nucleus. They have a negative charge (-) of the equivalent sum as protons I-e 1.6 X 10.19 coulombs.

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