vCard Wizard Software Latest Version Free Download

vCard Wizard Software Latest Version Free Download. With the vCard Wizard, you can export only multiple selected contacts or your entire contact folder or selected folders containing the unlimited number of contacts. Import, export, and transfer Contacts to CSV and VCF files, Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Gmail and iCloud. Combine multiple contact sources into the CSV file. Import contacts from CSV to Exchange, Outlook, Gmail or iCloud. Free contact converter for CSV, VCF, Exchange, Outlook, and Google.

vCard Wizard Software Free Download

vCard Wizard Software Free Download

vCard Wizard is a very easy to use software designed to transfer, import/export, merge and backup your contacts from Gmail, Android, iCloud, iPhone / iPad and Microsoft Outlook easily to the destination you choose. It is one of the most efficient vCard converter and converter software applications on the market. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, you probably know that it allows you to convert only one contact at a time into a vCard file.

Microsoft Outlook allows conversion to VCF (vCard) format of only one contact at a time. vCard Wizard Contacts Converter will allow you to export one or multiple vCard files from the entire Contacts folder containing an unlimited number of contacts. vCard Wizard (formerly VCard4Outlook) is a Microsoft Outlook add-in and standalone software that allows users to share, export, and import VCF (vCard) files for Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, iCloud, and Google contacts.

vCard Wizard Software Download

A vCard file (also known as a VCF) is a standard format for electronic business cards. You can open a VCF file with Microsoft Outlook, Google, iPhone, iPad and Mac, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and most other mobile devices. You can send, import or export multiple contacts and even the entire Contacts folder, including the Microsoft Exchange and Public folders.

If you need to transfer, export, import or move your contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, iCloud or Google, the easiest way is to use vCard Wizard. It works as a vCard generator by taking data from your Outlook, iCloud, Google or Exchange contacts and creating VCF files.

vCard Wizard Contacts Converter is an easy-to-use VCF converter built into the Microsoft Outlook toolbar and toolbar for easy access also available as a standalone application. Using the free version, you can import/export up to 5 contacts at once. Get the Pro Edition, and you will be able to import / export and transfer multiple contacts to and from all sources: CSV (Google and Nokia and many others), Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, iCloud, Google, VCF (vCard).

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