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Xiaomi Mi Car Charger Pro 18W Specifications, Features

Xiaomi Mi Car Charger Pro 18W Specifications, Features. Hi, welcome to my review of my car charger by Xiaomi so without any delay let me quickly show you the box so on the back it says here input voltage 12 to 24 volts output voltage 5 volts output current to 0.4 amps into to maximum 3.6 amps.

I don’t know if you can see this but there you go alright so let’s do the unboxing pull this ok the whole thing came out but here is the car charger and it is quite heavy it’s made up of metal. So pause the video right now if you would like to read all this but like I was saying there’s a white LED over here this whole ring lights up we’ll see that in a moment.

Xiaomi Mi Car Charger Pro 18W Specifications

Xiaomi Mi Car Charger Pro 18W Specifications


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So he had made up of metal very nice build quality it’s quite solid so here we have the 2 USB ports now this is not a Qualcomm quick charge charger but it can output 3.6 amps at 5 volts alright. So let’s see if you get anything inside the box so there is a user manual it’s in English so once again if you would like to see this pause the right now.

So anyway let’s go ahead and test this car charger out you know what if value and 12 p.m. And already it is 34 degrees Celsius there’s quite hot all right so goes in like this and you’ll see the LED will light up there you go, man, this looks really nice.

So let’s plug in the charger doctor and we’ll see how much current we can get out of this and I don’t think I can plug in another USB cable. The first thing is a little bit too thick so unfortunately, I won’t be able to show you two devices current draw at the same time as you can see it won’t fit but anyways I’ll show you how much current we can get out of a single USB port.

So let me go ahead and plug my phone in okay so there we go it is charging now and we are drawing about 1.3 9 amps see if that changed you see we have topped. The current at about 1.4 loops of hemp’s as you can see at five point two eight volts battery is charging no problem.

So we are not getting that full 3.6 amp at a single USB port it might be because the phone is limiting. The charging current alright so I’ve got my Xiaomi power bank which is plugged in in the car charger you can see the charger is supplying 2 amps at five point one seven volts slightly more than two have now two-point thirteen if you can see it is charging.

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So you can charge a power bank of this charger so the phone is limited to 1.4 amps meanwhile if you plug in a device that is capable of accepting more than 1.4 M it will be able to supply two amps. So yeah there’s nothing wrong with this charger it was just the phone which was limiting the current.

So there you go it is working fine and to find the answer your question can I charge two devices at the same time well yes it can as you can see both of these phones are charging can see I’ve plugged in two USB cables one of them is a USB type-c which is going into my XYZ premium and another one is a micro USB cable which is going into my Z ultra and as you can see both these phones are charging without any problems.

So you will be able to charge two phones or two different devices at the same time so guys thank you for watching my video – if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment section down below and I will be more than happy to answer you.

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