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Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones Review – Tech News

Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones Review – Tech News. Hello, everyone, this is a note from gadget cake today. We have with us one more truly wireless earphones and these are the blah pong bTW pro. So let’s do the unboxing and find out how they perform.

So here is the Box in the front of the box we have the model name bTW pro and here is a picture of the product and you can see it comes. With the Qualcomm aptX support on this site, we have some features such as dual microphones ipx7 waterproof google assistant and Siri support and they come.

With the Bluetooth 5.0 support and here at this site we have features such as you get. The touch control auto-pairing noise cancellation and 36 hours of playback time now let’s open the box and see the content.

The packaging of the product is good and premium and when you open this magnetic box you will see the earbuds in the charging case on the top we will look at them in a moment. Let’s see what else we have in the box so in the box we get the warranty registration card and then we get the instruction manual and you also get a Quick Start Guide.

Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones

Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones

Which has the info about the pairing and different touch controls and here we have the charging cable and sadly. It’s a micro USB so type-c you as we could have been better you also get these extra ear tips of small and large size. So that’s all we have in the box now let’s look at the earphones closely blah pong bTW pro are the premium true wireless earbuds talking about the design and build quality. I find the build quality pretty good and you get the high-quality earbuds and also.

Blaupunkt BTW Pro design and specifications:

The dull plastic and boring finish of the earphones and charging case make the BTW Pro feel cheap, and certainly not what Rs. 7,000 should buy you. while the ordinary looks and basic styling might have been forgivable in the affordable space a year ago, we’ve come to expect more in 2020. The true wireless earphones segment has come a long way since last year, but Blaupunkt’s design hasn’t. The Blaupunkt BTW Pro earphones are a lot like the BTW-01 earphones.

Blaupunkt BTW Pro performance:

However, although the BTW Pro is more expensive than its predecessor and is better equipped on paper, our experience with it wasn’t quite as positive. The new earphones felt dated, awkward, and definitely not as impressive-sounding as other products in the price segment. We quite liked the Blaupunkt BTW-01 earphones, and so we were looking forward to seeing what the company could do with better Bluetooth codec support.

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The charging case the design is in your style but as you might have noticed that you get these smaller ear tips and this we will see. How they perform when it comes to the comfort and noise isolation later in this. So in terms of design, I like it they are not bulky and also they’re lightweight the weight of each year bird is approximately 6 grams now talking about the charging case. The size is decent and it’s easy to carry it in your pocket for charging you would need to insert the earbuds like this and you would see this charging LED in terms of overview.

The build quality and design are good and at the back of the charging case we have the micro USB charging port now not sure about the battery capacity numbers but the company claims. Then you get the approximately 36 hours of playback time with this charging case and during our testing. I was able to get approximately four to five hours of playback time in one single charge and charging takes approximately one and a half hour now let’s talk about.

The most important thing which is the sound quality first pairing process is really simple and like all other true wireless earphones they’re easy to pair as well you just need to take both. The earbuds out of the case and then you will see one of them in your phone and here you can see they are paired and in the settings, you can also see that you get the aptX support and about the comfort. The design is unique and initially, I wasn’t feeling comfortable and I was not able to get a snug fit but after changing.

The ear tips and instead of the medium size I switched to a large size and then for me it was a proper fit in a very comfortable as well in terms of sound quality. I listen to different types of music and videos first thing I noticed that the clarity is pretty good and you can listen to music and watch videos at full volume without losing any sound quality. You get good instrument separation in these earbuds the bass is sufficient it’s kind of flat but it’s up to my liking as well as. I usually don’t prefer thumpy bass in the earbuds and overall you get good clarity for both vocals and instrument volume is also pretty high and I felt comfortable using these earbuds at 80% volume most of the time.

The controls we have on these earbuds are also different than the other earbuds you get the long press to change tracks single text to change volume and DoubleTap to pause and play the music you can also call Google Assistant or Siri. With these earbuds and for that we’ll have to do triple tap on the right ear but now talking about my clarity I also took some calls with them you get the dual mic in each of these yeah but and I bought the clarity. It was good and the person on the other side was able to hear me properly with some echo here and there but overall you get a decent mic performance from these earbuds.

So overall blue pong bTW pro is a premium quality product the design is good and they are also comfortable to use as well you get a good snug fit provided. You use the right-sized ear tips I’ve seen some people come about the pain while using them for long hours but for me, I didn’t feel any issue like this in terms of sound you get the good sound output they are loud and clear in the overall performance is good.

The aptX support is there but you notice slight lag while playing games such as pop G and Call of Duty but for music and videos. There was no lag at all so to sum it up I really like these earbuds the sound quality is up to my tastes with not too much of bass. But the clarity is good they are also comfortable and lightweight a bit bigger than some other earbuds but it doesn’t bother me that much and as their ipx7 waterproof.

So you can use them in the gym as well and overall I’m happy with this product these earbuds are available for rupees 7000 on Amazon and according to me they are priced slightly higher than some of its competitors but do keep an eye on the Lightning Deals.

Which you will see on this from time to time and also if the absence of an auto pause and play feature doesn’t affect you that much then do check them out and as usual if you like these earphones and want to buy one then do check the by the link in the description below. So that’s it guys is where the blah pong BTW pro truly wireless here phone let us know if you like them and also do tell us your favorite feature of these earbuds in the comment section below.

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