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Watch Geo News Live TV Channel From Pakistan

Watch Geo News Live TV Channel From Pakistan Watch Geo News live stream online today on the web, enjoy all the latest shows through Geo News Live TV channel live to broadcast. Watch your favorite shows on Geo News Live TV online without any hassle. Along with you can also watch Pakistan Live TV broadcasts from other channels on their respective pages.

Geo News is a popular news channel in Pakistan. The channel began its test transmission on August 14, 2002, and began regular transmission in October 2002. Geo News is a Pakistani news channel owned and owned by Jang Group. Since its inception, Geo has examined the limits of freedom of expression in Pakistan to an unprecedented level in the country’s history.

Watch Geo News Live TV Channel Pakistan

Watch Geo News Live TV Channel Pakistan

The channel began broadcasting in November 2005. Geo News is Pakistan’s leading news and current affairs channel, popular with both local and international viewers. Although there are various media and TV channels in Pakistan, Geo has its own meaning.

The channel caters to audiences of different political and cultural backgrounds by offering unbiased coverage. In just a few years, he became a household name in the Pakistani media industry. The channel began its test broadcast on August 14, 2002, and regular broadcast in October 2002.

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Watch Geo News Live TV Stream – Watch Geo News Online is Pakistan’s most popular news channel for the Urdu language. Covers all news, both national and international. Your international broadcast area. The registered office is in Karachi. It is very common with intermediate people. Geographic news can be viewed live.

Watch Geo News Live TV is the main news channel in Pakistan. It is owned by the independent media group “Jung Group”. His show is highly rated and among the most famous people. It has become a pioneer in the Urdu news channel category. He reports 24 hours a day and his news is authentic and based on current events.

Geo News Urdu is one of the most popular and popular TV programs in Pakistan. This is a news TV channel and news is broadcast in Urdu on this news TV channel. It is the number one TV channel in Pakistan. In terms of news, news bulletins are presented on this channel 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Geo News TV, sports news, politics, news, showbiz news, domestic and foreign and international news are presented. Business news is also updated on this channel. In addition, TV shows are also shown on top of it. Morning Time Morning News and then Morning Show are presented. Even in the evening, the comments of various politicians are telecast on My Life on this TV channel.

There are programs that are much more famous and popular. In the evening, there is a lot of discussion about politics on this channel. Various political leaders are invited on top of this. And as soon as they present their ideas, most of them are popular because this lamp is in the Urdu language. That is why it is seen all over Pakistan.

Apart from Pakistan, this channel is widely watched in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Apart from this, the channel is also very much watched in India. People who like to listen to Ard know about the situation in Pakistan through this channel.

This Geo News Live TV news channel is very wide on the net and its network is spread all over Pakistan. The UK and the UAE and Saudi Arabia also have a large network. Its live coverage is also very fast. The first live coverage is offered on top of that. That’s why everyone likes to see G-Nawaz first.

Live Television Channel watch live streaming on HD all national Live TV Channels provide live streaming with the sling. In essence. Because it also functions as an additional cable. For example, the time that is broadcast to cable subscribers on ESPN is also broadcast to sling tv users. The only exception to sling tv’s native channels, that we’ll state later.

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Watch Geo News Live TV you can easily watch it on your mobile by downloading the app on Play Store. This channel can also be viewed on YouTube. Live Geo News can be viewed by searching it on YouTube. And Geo News can also be viewed live by visiting their website. You can easily go live on its website and watch Geo News by clicking below.

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Geo News Live TV has a variety of famous programs that make Geo News most famous in between public because those programs are very impressive and high rated. Some famous program of Geo news is listed below.

Capital Talk: Capital Talk is a popular Geo News program. It is hosted by a famous Pakistani anchor ‘Hamid Mir’. It is based on current issues. It was launched in 2002. It has a running time of 60 minutes.

Meray Mutabiq: Another great Geo News program is in May. Its main purpose is to understand the current problem of Pakistan. Hassan Nisar, a well-known journalist, gives his views on current political issues.

Aaj Shahzed Khanzada k Sath: Today, Shahzeb Khanzada has a 60-hour program. Its main purpose is to discuss current affairs. This is such a show. In which Shahzeb Khanzada himself analyzes most of the problem. Its time is from 10 to 10 minutes. It is also hosted by Shahzeb Khanzada himself.

Naya Pakistan: New Pakistan is a program based on current affairs. It is being hosted by Shizab Iqbal. Its time is 8:05 MPP from Friday to Saturday.

Geo Pakistan: Geo News is a morning show presented by Geo News. Abdullah Sultan and Huma Amir host the show. The show discusses current politics, sports, and other events. Its time is Monday to Friday at 9:05 p.m.

Khabarnak: Khabarak is a comedy show on Geo News. It is offered in Urdu and Punjabi languages. It is hosted by Ayesha Jahanzeb. The show airs Thursday through Sunday from 11:05 p.m.

Aapas ki Baat: Your talk through Geo News is a series of shows. The latest title in the show came under discussion. It is hosted by a celebrity Najam Sathi. At the show, 2 or 3 guests were invited to discuss hot topics and give their reviews on hot topics. The show airs Monday through Thursday at 11:05 p.m.

Jirga: A jirga is also run by Geo News in which all political, economic, and other issues were discussed. Saleem Safi, a well-known journalist, is hosting the show. Saleem Safi is a very knowledgeable person. Since he is from the tribal area, he can discuss the tribal issue very well. The show airs Monday through Friday at 10:05 p.m.

Aik Din Geo K Sath: Aak Din Geo is a unique show hosted by renowned journalist Sohail Warraich. Sohail Warraich has visited many celebrities from all walks of life. Because he is known to be an individual in all industries, he can speak very well on all topics. It only airs on Geo News on Sundays at 7:05 p.m.

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