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Watch Kontra Channel Live TV Channel From Greece

Watch Kontra Channel Live TV Channel From Greece. It offers revealing reports and analyzes all the current aspects that affect the lives of Greek citizens. Kontra Channel is a news channel aimed at the potential audience from 35 to 55 years old. It is based in Parnitha.

Kontra Channel Live TV Channel  Greece

Kontra Channel Live TV Channel  Greece

Approximately 150 private television channels, about ten of which broadcast throughout the country. Broadcast media dominated by the private sector. The state broadcaster has 2 national radio stations (2014). 1 state-owned terrestrial television channel with national coverage. 3 privately owned satellite channels. Multichannel satellite and cable television services were available. More than 1,500 radio stations, all privately owned.

Watch Kontra Tv Greece on Live Broadcast via the internet. Kontra Channel is a Greek television channel and was founded in 2010 after the sale of the then channel “Telefon”. It transmits its signal to the former frequency of the previous station. It belongs to “Kontra Media Societe Anonyme”.

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