Mala by Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novel Episode 16 Free PDF Download

Mala by Nimra Ahmed Episode 16 Free PDF Download The novel is full of suspense, adventure, and social occasions written by Nemrah Ahmed. Her writing style is improving daily, taking her to the heights of the sky. The way she creates suspense and, at the end of the novel, she reveals everything is amazing. You will find almost everything that a writer can write for their reader’s satisfaction.  the writer describes Family Relations and their values in the Urdu novel is also a Suspense Urdu novel by Nimra Ahmad.

Mala by Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novel Download

mala by Nimra Ahmed

  • Book Format PDF
  • Author Nemrah Ahmed
  • Episodes ALL Available
  • Book Size 122.16 MB
  • Book Pages 1446
  • Download Link Mediafire & G Drive


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