Pakistan Election Results 2024 Updates Free PDF Download

Pakistan Election Results 2024 Updates Free PDF Download Live Updates.Results of General Elections 2024: here is what the vote-count suggests so far For updated results, please refresh this page. These results are unofficial, and only reflect vote-count of particular polling stations of a certain constituency. These results will be updated as more vote-counts are received. Any candidate’s position is subject to change. Business Recorder will rely on the ECP’s official results to determine a final position.

Pakistan Election Results 2024 Updates

Pakistan Election Results 2024 Updates

Seat No Stations Winner Runner-up
NA-002 341/341 Amjad Ali Khan (IND)
43,240 votes Ameer Muqam (PML-N)
29,140 votes
NA-006 307/307 Bashir Khan (IND)
7,6259 votes Siraj-ul-Haq (JIP)
52,545 votes
NA-010 397/397 Gohar Ali Khan (IND)
110,023 votes Abdul Rauf (ANP)
30,302 votes
NA-013 278/278 Muhammad Nawaz Khan (IND)
24,686 votes Ata Muhamamd (PRP)
18,130 votes
NA-017 324/324 Ali Khan Jadoon (IND)
97,177 votes Muhabbat Khan Awan (PML-N)
44,522 votes
NA-019 385/385 Asad Qaiser (IND)
115,635 votes Fazal Ali (JUIP)
45,567 votes
NA-021 351/351 Mujahid Khan (IND)
116,049 votes Azam Khan (JUI-F)
60,373 votes
NA-023 317/317 Ali Mohammad Khan (IND)
102,175 votes Ahmed Khan (ANP)
33,910 votes
NA-030 267/267 Shandana Gulzar Khan (IND)
71,742 votes Nasir Khan (JUIP)
19,265 votes
NA-055 311/311 Ibrar Ahmed (PML-N)
78,542 votes Muhammad Basharat Raja (IND)
67,101 votes
NA-058 459/459 Major R Tahir Iqbal (PML-N)
115,974 votes Ayaz Amir (IND)
102,537 votes
NA-059 467/467 Sardar Ghulam Abbas (PML-N)
141,680 votes Muhammad Romaan Ahmad (IND)
129,716 votes
NA-064 537/537 Chaudhry Salik Hussain (PML)
105,205 votes Qaisra Elahi (IND)
80,946 votes
NA-111 331/331 Mohammad Arshad Sahi (IND)
113,709 votes Barjees Tahir (PML-N)
93,467 votes
NA-115 354/354 Khurram Shahzad Wirk (IND)
101,610 votes Javed Latif (PML-N)
69,766 votes
NA-121 299/299 Wasim Qadir (IND)
78,703 votes Shaikh Rohale Asghar (PML-N)
70,957 votes
NA-123 222/222 Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif (PML-N)
63,953 votes Afzaal Azeem Pahat (IND)
48,486 votes
NA-130 376/376 Muhammad Mian Nawaz Sharif (PML-N)
171,024 votes Yasmeen Rashid (IND)
115,043 votes
NA-135 370/370 Nadeem Abbas (PML-N)
107,862 votes Malik Muhammad Akram Bhatti (IND)
90,443 votes
NA-149 169/169 Malik Mohammad Amir Dogar (IND)
48,470 votes Jahangir Khan Tareen (IPP)
15,631 votes
NA-167 301/301 Muhammad Usman Awaisi (PML-N)
78,970 votes Amir Yar Malik (IND)
42,500 votes
NA-199 365/365 Ali Gohar Khan Mahar (PPPP)
154,832 votes Abdul Qayum (JUIP)
40,204 votes
NA-202 305/305 Nafisa Shah (PPPP)
80,000 votes Syed Ghous Ali Shah (GDA)
12,300 votes
NA-211 326/326 Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jelani (PPPP)
36,756 votes Ali Nawaz Shah (IND)
18,092 votes
NA-216 378/378 Makhdoom Jamil uz Zaman (PPPP)
124,536 votes Bashir Ahmed (PML-N)
80,439 votes
NA-217 331/331 Zulfiqar Bachani (PPPP)
115,000 votes Rahila Magsi (GDA)
69,900 votes
NA-222 338/338 Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur (PPPP)
113,916 votes Mir Hussain Bux Talpur (GDA)
67,010 votes
NA-227 333/333 Liaquat Ali Jatoi (GDA)
17,422 votes Irfan Ali Leghari (PPP)
13,010 votes
NA-229 184/184 Jam Abdul Karim Bijar (PPPP)
55,821 votes Qadir Bux (PML-N)
21,665 votes
NA-230 160/160 Syed Rafiullah (PPPP)
32,072 votes Masroor Ali (IND)
24,200 votes

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