Watch TRT World Live From Turkey

TRT World Live  Is The Internationally Oriented Television Channel Owned By The State-owned Radio And Television Corporation. The Network Has Been Criticized For Failing To Meet Accepted Journalistic Ethics And Standards Of Independence And Objectivity, With Some Commentators, Especially In The West, Calling It The Mouthpiece Or Propaganda Arm Of The Erdoğan Administration.

TRT World Live From Turkey

TRT World Live From Turkey

TRT World Live  We Are Building A Global Community Focused On Change. We’re Looking Beyond The Headlines To Drive Meaningful, Empowering Conversations. We Want To Connect People Around The World To The Issues That Matter. Trt World Was Launched In 2015. We Explore The Reality Behind The Hashtags And The People Behind The Stats. We Will Seek To Unravel The Issues Behind Each Story. The Television Channel Intends To Offer News From A Humanitarian Perspective.

TRT World Live  Has Stated That It Is Financially And Editorially Independent From The Administration And That Its Newsgathering And Reporting Activities Are Like Those Of Other Publicly Funded Broadcasters Around The World, With A Mission To Show Non-Turkish Audience Events. From Turkey. Point Of View.

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