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The Different categories of Mobile Operating Systems

The Different categories of Mobile Operating Systems The different classifications of work systems are as follows Mobile operating systems.

Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile Operating Systems


Different classifications of operating systems Autonomous work systems. Server work systems. Mobile work systems.

1-Independent work systems:

A work system that continues to run in a work area or workstation called a stand-alone work system. Some free work systems can work with a server work system and are referred to as the client’s work system.

A client’s work system can work with or without a system. Some autonomous work systems incorporate system capabilities to design a small system for domestic or independent companies.

Some examples of free work systems are the following:

  • Circular Work System (DOS)
  • Windows
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • SO Macintosh


DOS for the circular work system. It was developed by Microsoft in the mid-1980s for PC. It is a solitary client work system. A type of work system where a single client can work at the same time is known as the work system of a single client.

Some important DOS instructions are as follows:

  • DIR: is used to demonstrate all records and subdirectories of this registry.
  • MID: used to eradicate the screen.
  • The album is used to change the record.
  • Duplicate is used to duplicate records starting with one point and then the next.
  • DATE: used to show the current date.
  • TIME: used to demonstrate the present tense.


Windows developed by Microsoft. Windows uses is the most used graphic UI of the work system (GUI, some important Windows systems are Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP). Sending the new features of Windows 29 Windows 10 is the most recent work system released in July. and it is the fastest and most competent work system and offers an improved design capability.

Some important features of Windows 10 are the following:

  • Windows 10 is designed to treat work areas, workstations, and tablets
  • A progressively usual start menu has been presented
  • The home screen is simpler to use with a growing mosaic size
  • Easier access to the screen All applications and discover applications faster
  • Support for the contribution through touch, mouse, and console
  • It reinforces the accomplishment of multiple tasks and allows the client to work with numerous windows simultaneously. Provides File Explorer to monitor records and envelopes.
  • It provides a servile assistant called Cortana that allows the client to make suggestions to discover the documents, and so on. The client can talk with this helpful assistant using the receiver.
  • It offers another default Internet browser called Microsoft Edge that is safer and faster than Internet Explorer.
  • It incorporates many implicit features to protect the computer against infections and malware.
  • Secures data against involuntary misfortunes by reinforcing an external hard drive
  • It is another Windows store that can be used to download workspace programs and has Windows applications.

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